Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Is the President?

As we all know by now, Roberts and Obama messed up the Oath of Office. Now this probably means nothing, and might have already been taken care of with a do over, or maybe not. Which would mean we should all be talking about Acting President Biden.

Let me clarify why, according to the 20th Amendment, Bush's term ended at noon on Jan 20th. According to the same amendment (section 3), the VP shall act as pres if the President-elect doesn't qualify. Since Obama cannot execute the Office of President until he has recited the oath, properly, (which I assume is one qualification to be President), that would mean that as of right now, Joe Biden, the VP, should be the acting president.

Regardless of who is president, isn't it amazing how a few little words can cause such a shit storm?

Note: I really don't care either way, I just like to stir the pot haha

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