Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day Has Dawned

Whether or not the new administration can truly deliver on the promises of Hope and Change is up to history, but things are starting off on a good foot. This morning its being reported Obama has begun the process of shutting down Gitmo by halting all trials so a review can be done. Next on the agenda will hopefully be to get funding back to important area’s such as Embryonic Stem Cell research and international family planning programs

Admittedly I was was skeptical of Obama’s rhetoric during the campaign, though now I am starting to buy in and am getting that positive feeling I did back when I first heard him speak at the DNC in 2004 when many of us got the feeling he would be the first black president. Even if he can’t fulfill the many lofty promises he has made, the new attitudes of positivity and belief that seem be affecting me and in general, sweeping the US, if not the world, will be a force for good not only on the global stage, but on the local stage, where it is that we must start if we are to make real changes.

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