Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a Day To Get On the Road.

Mr. Harper has a funny idea of being less aggressive and playing nice it seems. Not even two weeks into the new session of Parliament ant he’s making one of the worst partisan attacks in memory.

I’ve heard and read a lot form people who support this, and you know what, I can understand why they do, and can even see find myself agreeing with some of their points. But the rightness or wrongness of the subsidy isn’t the prime issue to me. My main problem with this is that the method and timing of the cut is wrong and unfair. It has come out of the blue with no consultation and obvious disagreement from the opposition parties, opposition parties who all agreed to this new plan back in 2003.

Today there have been calls to vote this down to bring us to another election, which I feel is wrong. The average voter who is worried about their job won’t see this for what it is, a fight for fairness, they will perceive it as greedy political parties not willing to take a hit, which would, in my opinion, lead to more Conservative seats, probably even a majority which to many of us would be hell on Earth. I personally like the idea of the 3 parties in Opposition agreeing to form the government, but realistically, I doubt the Bloc would ever go for this, and if for some reason they would, it would end up costing more then I think we should give them. So what should we do? I wish I could come up with a suggestion for Mr. Dion, I really do, but I don’t. I’ll leave that up to smarter, more political savvy people to decide.

What I DO know we can do help is to donate to the party (, because whether or not this goes through, the party needs as much financial help as it can get from us to win the war against Harper and his neo-con ideologists.

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