Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dymaxion mentions in his blog that Iggy’s poll numbers aren’t as good as Dion’s.

Those numbers are definitely food for though, but to get a better idea of what they mean, I think it is important to compare them to a poll taken before their selection.

The first article quoted shows that the Liberals gained 9% after Iggy took over. A quick search netted me two polls, the first one
said Dion's election only gave the Liberals a 5.4% boost. The other one was from a bit earlier, Aug 06, gave Dion a 7 point bounce.

So looking at the before and after we see that
Iggy +9%
Dion +6-7%

This show to me that Iggy is actually out performing Dion post-selection.

One final thing I’d like mention is that the circumstances regarding the selection and the general political atmosphere right now with the strong feelings about the coalition and prorogation will skew the results somewhat, so we aren’t exactly comparing apples to apples here.

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